Being Given

We are our own torches

everything good is still good

and we have been given the gift of Life


Enjoy your day

create a Way 

sunshine and rain go together

while come and gone

play tag with yesterday and tomorrow

in an only forever lasts forever


forever is here in this moment

what we do with it is up to us

in what we think of our selves

 we can carry our light lighter

or we can carry our light heavier

we can smile

and or we can cry

we decide which feelings to use


we are how feeling better feels

or what feeling worse can feel

how lowdown lowdown can get

needs our cooperation to play

while our birthright resilience gives us

the creativity we need to create positives to stay even

with negatives that keep adding fuel to the fire energies to burn

can be used to lighten the dark with

see clear

we are our own torches

everything that is good is still good

and we've been given the gift of Life


BEING GIVEN - by John Trudell. 


We offer occasional artist in residence spaces.  To reduce costs, woofers may complement a course of study with 20 hours per week of working in a department of operations.  Usually kitchen, yard or technical assistance. 


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