Mana IS...

Mana is a word that is used throughout Austranesia, especially the Pacific. A broadmeaning understanding that refers to a certain nobility of character and standing.


A person or an organisation of people with dignity, spiritual and intellectual prowess, personal prestige, courage, wisdom and accomplishment.   Real Pride  - Aligned with destiny.


MANA TAMARIKI   Warrior Spirit  Stolen Destiny  WALDEN'S POND  


Maiia To those of a respectfull nature. Ideas reveal themselves.   Are transferred and percieved and encountered in more ways than words.  Importantly ideas exist within a context.  


To bothery with the endless cost analysis, diagnosis and reportage by a fundamentally flawed lense of outmoded worldview.  WHERE THE POETRY...?


TROPICS of CAPRICORN. In the 21st century  I Am & the Elevator Pitch


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