A billion singer-songwriters, a million waitresses, a million composers, photographers, teachers, tech gurus, used car salesmen and afilliate marketers. 


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The Fine Art of Duckin' & Weavin'


Unique Selling Proposition is an Americanism for stand out from the others doing the same thing. Probably to make MBA students think the debt they get into is 'value'


Your USP (unique selling proposition) is the angles and facets you bring out. Shining bright like a diamond is a craftskill - knowing where the sparkle comes from- the facets, assets and how to polish.


Avoid the Hassle of the Hustle-  Assistance with Promotion &  Marketing 


Uniqueness is significant - a million people the same field as you. How do You stand out? How do you add value ? What do you stand for?  Who do you represent?    I Am & The Elevator Pitch  


A strong and robust identity is a matter of IDENTIFYING what you do want.  A strong brand lets others know exactly where you're coming from.  It may mean getting clear with yourself about what you don't wantThen you are better positioned to develop effective Brand Power


Whether you are Rupert the Bear or Rupert Murdoch the key principles of business remain the same. They guild it in pretty words but it's pretty straight forward really.


  SYNCRONET  Monday - Organisation  Tuesday - Presentation  Wednesday - Quality


Voluntary Simplicity is consistently one of our Top 5 forums, (one reason to keep a Data Base)  A decade of observation shows a definite response to the pressure caused by globalisation - is head back to localisation. That it timed neatly with the invention of social media platforms is brilliant.  Australians don't like junk.  Quality   THE EMPORIUM



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