It's Complicated
 if you're just out of uni,ack experience in the field or have travelled from interstate or overseas.  Community ConversationA factor in addressing complexity is recognition of the need to frame the questions from within their own context. Organisational systems and structures theory training is very useful in finding that missing voice that is the local context Stolen Destiny   - WHY?    


It's not necessarily overly ambitious, using the tools of communication technology available today - to consider looking at ways to create broad strategy in response to large questions.  Why not carry out your own community consultation? How might services really


empower healthy sustainable villages or suburbs? 

  The Work Experience - Live visit the facebook group


Community Capacity + Resources + Budget = Outcomes, Incomes +  "The Gap"


  We had a quick look at Cairns West RESULT:  Stuck between a hill and a six lane highway.   


559138_10151443206875237_1916332032_n.jpgWe also did a quick survey of Cairns East  RESULT:  Hooley Dooley!

It's the Southern Hemisphere TROPICS of CAPRICORN


In 2010 we were asked to assist a local startup business Reuse and Recycle Cairns, then beginning its second year.  The organisation wasn't entirely clear on it's mission and direction but that is to be anticipated in a moving from a colonial community to a technological one in just one century.  Using industrial era thinking that is many ways irrelevant.  SELF-DETERMINATION  and Self Reliance. 


Project Development:  Reuse and Recycle were funded to support community through implementing work for the dole projects.  Using the  CAIRNS INDY-MEDIA and Brindle Style Community Data Base we  were able to provide them with a network of internal community-based solutions and support groups with similar and aligned interest in SOCIAL INNOVATION, alternative economies, and community development.  


10 000 unemployed - How might we empower a community where insufficient jobs exist? 



Eliza Sellton, B.Sc (psych) Dip Ed, Myer Briggs MBTI - accredited trainer.

 SYNCRONET-  Elders Forum &  Master Class


  "The object of education is for the student to take the next step."


Individualised Mastery Learning Information for social entrepreneurship.  How to kickstart your own small business.  Create merchandise for concerts, events, community markets, and even large business.    Workplace Thinking  


Syncronet is also a crafting circle - a whole world, and a narrative journey, working with textiles, sewing and fabric painting.  Gifting and Sharing. Boutique  Bargain Basement  Coffee Cafe   THE EMPORIUM


Digger Street Arts Collective

We've done many not for profit and no-budget gigs using recycled materials including a 5 day Garden shed Makeover vision-boarding the 2012 Solar Eclipse and the New Paradigm.  The Green Room These community building projects are immediately transferrable to youth groups, or for social engagement in unemployed people.




Let's get real about productivity, creativity, innovation, education, employment, social and economic Justice. SOCIAL INNOVATION   Project Development   I tend to make light of Cultural Mapping Cairns being a hothoused community of just 30 years. Despite the new layer of concrete a colonial town on the fringes of civilisation.  In many situations of local business and in leadership - you can still count the active participants on your fingers.  Which is a huge advantage. 


Getting to Hands Off
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