Emotional Freedom

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Maiia Brindle

Tap along with video and see for yourself what happens during a session.  Click Here for video: ABOUT EFT  It may be a useful after a traumatic event and with the addiction protocol being utilised at Habilitat Hawaii tapping is producing extroadinary results.  Tapping is good for kids too.



Robert Gene's Eutaptics is the new way Emotional Focussed Transformations  FasterEFT  This hybrid is still evolving.  There is plenty of information available web, facebook and video resources. 


EFT may be helpful if you dislike the idea, history and culture of clinical psychotherapy - not to mention the cost.  


Maiia  - I did a search myself and found a clip of a client and practioner EFT session. The fellow had a similar problem to what I was researching.  So I tapped along with the clip a few times - lo and behold it REALLY seemed to work. Just like that!  Later I tried EFT tapping for allergies which also worked well!


The difficult and painful stuff is best worked through with a qualified practitioner.  Or through the learning and attending workshops.  



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