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Iustitia (Justitia) or Dike  was daughter to Themis (wikipedia) described as "of good counsel", and the embodiment of divine order, law, and custom. Themis means "law of nature"    rather than human ordinance literally "that which is put in place" 


Themis was the daughter of Gaiia and Uranus (Mother Earth Father Sky) in other traditions Themis is Gaia

Apparently the statue carries the scales for balance, and appropriate discrimination.


The women go about the daily life and family, negotiating the briar rose on the path, focussed on the beauty of the flowers, sharing a journey, not so much the thorns and obstacles along the way. Our sword, can be the pen, paintbrush, computer or other tools in the technological era.


Economic Justice... Me an' Avy went in the bank last week an' I thought gee it would be cool to be putting money in... so there is a one to ten of pansies- some counting for the tamariki  - some economics !!        Who can say 'they' won't need to know?


The children carry Australian books- Maurice Gleitzman's Once and The Yalanji Fire Mangement book a work of art itself - with photography by a local environmental activist Steve Nowakowski , the bag the boy carries is the one the Fire Management book came in, from the World Wildlife Fund.


The Englishness of the plant forms- I had been in Adelaide with a slightly different climate and colonial history to tropical Australia.


The southern cross is represented to the top left - the southern hemisphere being half the world, 1/2 of the balance the scales represent.  It is also symbolic of the attempt to understand Eurocentric beliefs and systems. Particularly where they fail to understand another sort of balance equality...


Maiia: Justice is made is manifest when women and families can go about their day, their destiny - undisturbed by injustice... 
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