Project Four: MUSIC

Let's get real about education, employment, productivity, creativity, innovation & economic Justice. 



Marketing and promo skills make your team a force more powerful 

-  Take the Hassle Out of the Hustle.  A REALWORLD Promotion


Whether you're Rupert Murdoch or Rupert the Bear 

whether it's 1814, 1914 or 2014 - the intention is to share information 

The business of Marketing and Promo  is much the same process. 


Once upon a planet    SteveTrippThe Work Experience - Livea facebook group. 



SYNCRONET An elder likely has amazing predigital neurological pathways developed and can generate a host of ideas with no digital input whatsoever. Musicians are early adopters of technology so in this industry you will often have the best of both worlds.   Olde skills and new tools.  

Steve has his own photos, audio, some video and a database of industry contacts.







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