Twas Grace

A place, where faith is kept.  Our Lady of the New Pardigm




And any day is a good day to celebrate the movement of the Holy Spirit and the sacred feminine - wrapping it in dogmaticism and superstition is optional.


 Season 11 of Brindle Style Artists Forum.  You can tell the mainstream media vision of the world is rubbish by watching the Nannas... and the poets - and jazz... but probably not the Fuller Brushman Blues.


Grace is a woman. Grace is Justice.  Mercy.  Truth. Clear and cohearnt thinking. Grace is the Being - and daily doing.   THE PEACE ROOM    Peace by Peace  Cairns Peace By Peace


Know where you are and where you want to go - and you can walk a mile in someone elses shoes. When you know your own feet are solid on the common ground, the higher ground, the sacred ground there will unfold., the good narrative that stands True through test of time.


 Te Punga - The Anchor is a grounding even in turbulent waters.  Also known as Crux Australis - the Southern Cross, it offers the traveller an eternally reliable position from which to make an inquiry of our own whereabouts.  An anchor from where it is possible to get a clear positon, in order then to navigate life, the world, even tempests that arise, with a good map and pointers to head in the desired direction.   


Grounded in Truth, one has the clarity, the presence, to hear and to care. To bring fresh eyes and fresh thinking to what may be considered the mundane. To observe the trees that make up the forest.The ordinary is only ordinary within a context.  And Grace is as Amazing in the new paradigm as it ever was.


 Manifest an angel or goddess art piece - any skill level, any medium, any style.  No time frame.  Season 11: Content Generation kicks off by celebrating International Womens Day.

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