Risks in Arts
"Burn the fricken boats" says 90s NLP guru Tony Robbins, which is like - move forward as if there is no going back.  Well it also pays to bear in mind if you are considering work in the cultural and creative industries that you may need your boat to go out fishing when you run out of food


It's a most exciting period in technological advancement but it's still a difficult industry with a degree of luck and risk involved   Apparently the vatican still has unpaid invoices from Michaelangelo Find an Earn in Arts


The risks are economic, physical, emotional, and psychological.  Economic stressors may also give rise to other physical, and mental health risks.  There are project failures, risks associated with the involvement of team/band members and employees; costs and expenses, legal liabilities, accidents, disasters, even deliberate attacks and underminement from adversarial competitivity.  Bad advice is also a factor to be wary of.  Health and Safety & Risks

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Maiia Brindle

As popular Australian writer Robert G Barrett  (1942-2012) said at Cairns library.  It's not impossible to make a living from creativity - but it is going to take an ENORMOUS amount of work.  He told a yarn from Gina Jeffries seeing her own song playing on the TV... from the dole queue.


Our 'complex relationship with social security' as Peter Garrett called it on his visit to Cairns has been disasterous.  It reminds me of the very roots and underpinnings of Brindle Style starting out 15 years ago on the frayed remains of a once vibrant family and community that traded economic and social values for gambling machines and globalism thinly disguised as foreign investment and economic development. 

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