Two: On the Job

  Assist with Marketing and Promotion  -Take the Hassle out of the Hustle.


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Whether or not you are fortunate enough to find a real job.  Whether you work for yourself or the community.  Whether you volunteer for the fun of it.  Or whether you run a small business.  These marketing and promo skills will help to make you a force more powerful in the Creative Industries.

2. Participate in Some Real Promotional Activities.


2.1 Prepare and distribute promotional materials promptly

2.2 Present organisation’s identity accurately and confidently to individuals and organisations

2.3 Assist with promotional activities aimed at a broad range of external stakeholders

2.4 Maintain a database of industry contacts and sources of industry information

2.5 Attend industry events and other networking opportunities as required

2.6 Share knowledge obtained through networking with colleagues to enhance marketing activities

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