One: Develop Strategies

 Assist with Marketing and Promo -  Take the Hassle out of the Hustle.


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ONE:   - Contribute to the Development of Marketing and Media Strategies.


Safe Workspaces are your responsibility.  Look for and remedy hazards.


1.1 Research:  Going through a variety of examples of of others marketing creative content using an active, aware and evaluating eye, rather than a passive consumerist one.  


Read, observe, and discuss with others a wide range of possible marketing techniques and styles.


We can all learn from Rupert Murdoch and his mainstream media projects.  They may have very big budgets, big distribution machines, big production companies, own the television stations and the newspapers etc but at a fundamental level we actually share remarkably similar goals.  


1.2 Participate in discussions about marketing and promotional activities

1.3 Contribute ideas about activities that could be included in a promotional strategy

1.4 Compile information about the potential of media outlets to assist with the development of promotional strategies

1.5 Maintain documentation related to promotional strategies  Data Base


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