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Let's get real about education, employment, productivity, creativity, innovation & social and economic Justice. The Work Experience - Live.. a facebook group.    Safe Workspaces are your responsibility.

These marketing and promo skills will help make your team a force more powerful in the Creative Industries.  Take the Hassle Out of the Hustle   AMP: Overview Whether you are fortunate enough to have a 'real' job.  Whether you work for yourself or community.  Whether you volunteer for the fun of it.  Or whether you run a family business. 


ONE: Contribute to the Development of Marketing and Media Strategies

There are a many ways to develop a media strategy for your target market or audience.  Old fashioned like delivering flyers to noticeboards and shop windows.  Or digital - building a web presence or socialmedia campaign. 


Two: On The Job    - Carry Out Real Promotional Activities

Three: Finish The Job Professionally Feedback and Follow up   F&FU

Finishing a job like a professional can be a pleasant social excercise as well as process of building up relationships and community support.  

Evaluate your work experience and compare the outcomes with your original design strategy.

Seek a point for improvement from the feedback and evaluation.  Review for possible implementation.


  The Work Experience - Live.. a facebook group.  

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