Our Lady New Paradigm

Folk across the street, across oceans, across time have essence values, linking us all on Common ground, Solid Ground, Higher Ground even Sacred Ground.


ROOTS DEEP IN THE PREMODERN of SHARED IMAGE, LANGUAGE AND ARCHETYPE.  A mythology that never was and always IS. Greetings from an ancient land of hero tales and wild frontiers filled with treasures, pirates, sharks, dinosaurs, maidens, and mermaids.


Season 14 - 2017 of Brindle Style School of Arts Feature Project: The Light Heart.  What Would Lady YAGA Say? A Light Hearted Look at the Crone.   Individual Mastery at Project and Professional development Skills for Creative Industry.


Yes, even though every day, is a good day to celebrate the sacred feminine.  We celebrate International Wmen's Day with   Our Lady of the New Pardigm   Artists Forum  Amazing  Grace 


Goddess and Angel Art.   Post a photo of your illumated manuscript.  Unless of course that is blasphemy in your culture - in which case we'll see you there, in the garden. Amongst the weeds most likely eating them.  THE PEACE ROOM    





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