Blue Lady - With Jill

 Jill: It's great that women have opportunity to shine.  I've been needing the rays to bring me joy peace and happiness, eternally greatful for the chances I have to make my life better that I dreamed it may be.  -  " From disaster comes the promise of new life. When All seems lost, the human spirit refuses to submit. Survival brings dreams of new directions."


Maiia Yes.  One does not know from which direction the good news or an oppurtunity will arize -so it pays to be on the look out for it...


Jill "Magic nature is inspired by beauty. By sharing the dreams that are with us and around us, is a wonderful opportunity."


Maiia: that sounds a lot like Meister Eckhart


Jill "Actually is a book called Nature's Magic by Steve Parish" 


Maiia  lol I thought it was you being clever - you are clever, it wouldn't surprise me


Jill  our personality is round, that's why we seek the "holistic" approach.


Maiia ahh - nice. multidimensional beingness needs a wholistic palatte from which to make choices. that is poetic in some way. They would make good quotes when trying to illustrate emptiness of spirit... it's always exciting when a new tone appears and resonates for a time. Depression must be when a person can find no new shades... and things are very dull.    WALDEN'S POND


Lol - I came from a tradition of black line drawing... colour is really a bonus. As Meister Eckharts most famous line is... "If the only prayer you eversay is thank you - it would suffice." which I think is Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox's translation of the German.

Jill  Never lose hope. beyond the clouds the sun is still shining.


Maiia and so on to the Brindle Style - via Creativa Creativity and celbration of community... and back to the sharing like you said earlier...


 Jill.  Yes if sharing makes us more beautiful then I choose to share.




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