Stolen Destiny
Nanny Ada - A visit  to the library - Justice is made manifest as women and families are enabled to go about day and destiny unfolds - undisturbed by oppression, repression and injustice. The painting argues that Justice is a 'good enough' balance of education, family & community.  Self Determination  SOCIAL INNOVATION  
The Nanny State - Bring it on!
A vision of Justice - is a  Reason to Live  European rationalism is an act of faith as much as any religion.  

Avoid burnout and stay strong through grief, trauma and crisis. WALDEN'S POND for time out to renew and refresh the spirit.   Help Lines & Services        painting- Maiia Warrior Spirit


Stolen destiny in a post-colonial context is when the natural unfolding of human potential does not occur which is more complex and yet far more simple than the townsfolk, the clownsfolk realise.  

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