Pieces and Pricing

I think it was Witi Ihimaera who said art throws a net around an idea.


Despite the highly subjective nature of what constitues art or even what is value and of value.  We have attempted to formularise a pricing system.  For readers interested in purchasing visonary, folk or outsider art.   Cottage Industry  And open up some discussion reflecting the rumble of discontent being heard in mutters here and there...


The most simplistic way of costing out a painting is about a dollar per square inch.  This varies according to the level of craftsmanship you are purchasing. The degree of skill, dexterity, experience and mastery the artisan brings to the piece or the job.  So there are two distinct postions, the industrial face of art which takes precedence in much education and is highly illusory.  Fine art having as much economic potential and relevance as classical music.  AND a new type art of less tangibly defined, mythic representative work of greater and broader cultural value and significance and more broadly available in the communityeducated community.  A thing of beauty is a joy forever after all.


Who gets to make definitions about what is excellence, value or significance?   Who is qualified with such a duty, it seems rare person in Australia who has done their homework and is willing speak up with a good combo of education and experience of the world.  The status of being in the position called speaker (lead role) seems to have taken over from recognition that an intellectual discourse is an important.  Robert Huges had something to say but there is a significant absence of a next generation brave enough to take on the giant shoes. 


Throw money around and puppets will dance for sure.  continued below image...


Beneath real pride is a humbleness that does not signify lowliness to a thinking community or society; it represents instead an ability or oppurtunity to show respect.  A willingness to be Truthfull.  And that can mean vulnerable. Important too is to recognise it's great to be wrong - for clarifications own sake. 


As well as labour, qualitiy and cost of the materials is factored into pricing. For many lower cost buyers it works well to request a customised piece, specifically designed to a personally signficant theme or celebration.  Hand finished prints is another way to to make a purchase more possible, by reducing labour costs involved.


At Brindle Style apart from customising the design work you can also get hands on in the Creation process. 


The narrative and history being revealed is important.  Sacred knowledge or cultural exchange.  And last but not least how the piece moves the spirit - how it makes you feel.  It's a bit like a perspiration to intuition and inspiration ratio in creativity.  Rates rize dramatically according to the amount of inspiration and psychic energy in the Creation process. The depth and length of the meditation, prayer or channelling involved.      I'll update this page when we find some solid expertise...






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