Outrageous Bullshit!

This puppet show never seems to grow old.  It's been a few years but we been can post this astounding story over and over again


"GO TO JAIL - Do not collect 200 Dollars." - Monopoly.  


If we're coming down hard upon the poor - with JUDGEMENTS rules and calls for personal responsibility - the public must come down upon those who are paid top dollar to do jobs - and fail.  Like the public nuisances that they are. 


The most outrageous bullshit - (if it's true) of the decade is surely this 2003 - same speech given by John Howard and Steven Harper. Urging their nation to join George W. Bush’s war in/on Iraq. 



The Shotgun: Did Stephen Harper plagiarize? 

"Mr. Lippert is a former Fraser Institute Director who has published articles on intellectual property rights. For example in 1999, he wrote a book called, Competitive Strategies for the Protection of Intellectual Property. And in 2000, he edited and contributed to another book called, Competitive Strategies for Intellectual Property Protection (Fraser Institute, February 2000). He has written articles that have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Post, Globe and Mail, among others. He was a former member of the Globe and Mail’s editorial board. He also holds a PhD in European History from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana and a B.A. from Carleton College, Minnesota. He is currently employed as Senior Policy Advisor at the Canadian International Development Agency. He was supposedly Mr. Harper’s “trade and immigration policy advisor” at the time the speech took place."



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