Weather:  humidity, temperature and rainfall chart of climate in Cairns Australia


 Cairns Indy-Media is our facebook page with daily updates of what happening round town with a creative and noncommercial point of view. 



After Chinese New Year Feb 1st- Year of the Horse, the highlight of Cairns community gatherings is Waitangi Day - Aotearoa (NZ Day) 




(Left) Flag of United Tribes of New Zealand

Another Indigenous culture fond of a good time, the sharing of company, and songs that tell our stories -  St Patricks Day.    

Waitangi Day in Cairns -Australia is where we met film-maker Reihana WaruBuda Dji Dreaming .   


Buddha: There is no path to happiness - happiness is the path.


Following on from Dr King Day February in the U.S. is Black History Month -2010 U.S.  Presidential Proclamation 

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