Mission & Vision

About Us Brindle Style is a no budget, evolving and responsive media experiment in service of creative community since 2003.    An artists narrative.



Greetings from an ancient world of hero tales and wild frontiers, filled with treasures,pirates, sharks, dinosaurs, maidens, and mermaids.


THE PEACE ROOM  Let's utilise the technology along with the ordinary human capacity for wisdom, discrimination, mercy, generosity and good will toward a brave new paradigm of social, economic and restorative justice, human dignity and  Nonviolence


The best answer to 3rd world questions about sustainable growth may indeed be to build a new casino, a radioactive waste dump or heaven forbid another mine.  Cairns is on difficult turf, the Southern Hemisphere Tropics of Capricorn, on a parallel with Bolivia, Brazil, Angola, Southern Congo and Madagascar, Easter Island, the Kimberlies in Western Australia. How's that for context. It is a paradoxical meeting place, a warp in time and worldviews.  SOCIAL INNOVATION    Walden's Pond


We raise questions, and hold space for inter-industry and intergenerational exploratory conversations to occur.  We present education forums adjunct to the community consultation process.   


Using no-budget accrued skills, peer support, internet communicationand digital technology, we look for internal and eternal wisdom and electronic solutions to harmonious development and community self-reliance.


 Assist with Marketing and Promo.photo

2. LOCAL BUSINESS Consider and explore new trade options, economies and markets as a foundation to building confidence, resilience and innovation  SYNCRONET  


3.  Explore the arts and crafts and cultural practise as trades but with a 21st century underpinning. With particular focus on viability and undercutting the multi-billion dollar transnational conglomerate networks and industries of entertainment,- NOT EACH OTHER.


 SCHOOL OF ARTS Arts and cultural narrative as tools for growth and healing. Explore the new paradigm of social, economic and restorative justice and human dignity. Using the human capacity for wisdom, discrimination, mercy, generosity and good will.    THE PEACE ROOM

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