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From horse and cart straight on to the information super highway. From the stone age and the stoner age, to the new age.   A BRAVE NEW PARADIGM of Project & Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry.

ILUMINATA Cultural Mapping for SOCIAL INNOVATION Let's get real about education, innovation, productivity, creativity & employment  

Healthy Happy & Wise MAY - We're approaching winter in the southern hemisphere - how's your Vision Board looking?  Every day is an oppurtunity to reconfigure.  To REFRESH - Have you thrown your New Years Resolutions in the bin?  Well dust them off and get it back on the job!  

FEATURE ARTISTS  Dr Dreaming Bear  -   "The Middle Path"  

KURABESI THEATRE CO from Biak Island in West Papua 



Monday      Clarify goals. Develop and Implement A strategy.

Tuesday     Presentation & Communication                   

Wednesday  'Quality' Narrative and Professionalism. - CONTEXT 

Thursday   Social Innovation, cottage industry, homebased business & enterprize

Friday        A Community Conversation - Mentoring Evaluation and Feedback


Maiia (Editor) Background "Being of both native and immigrant heritage in the southern hemisphere and observing multiple simultaneously operating, often contradictory worlds-views makes for an interesting middlepath.    Artists Bio 


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