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Folk across the street, across oceans, across time, have essence values, linking us all on Common ground, Solid Ground, Higher Ground even Sacred Ground   A Decade @ Brindle Style


What a lively century it is on the Southern Hemisphere  TROPICS of CAPRICORN  From the stone age and the stoner age, to the new age and the brave new world of global villages and information technology.  From horse and cart straight on to the information super highway.  


This winter we will have an array of guests involved in creative work Community Conversation    


The Extraordinary World of Outsider Artist -Norma McCarthy

An Introduction to Nonviolence - Cairns Peace By Peace 



Brindle Style 2.0. The Next Stage! CONTENT GENERATION Whether you're on a physical or a digital platform --> all the news for thriving and surviving in the Creative Industries.   SCHOOL OF ARTS


CAIRNS INDY-MEDIA  works to foster the 2% of what we read, hear & view that comes from mainstreet. That comes from a heart.  It isn't contrived to advance somebody's PR agenda, sell you a product, or in the words of wikipedia - 'persuade you to believe something that's not true.'  Media Reform- Facebook   NET NEUTRALITY  SOCIAL INNOVATION  Cairns Peace By Peace 


"I do not believe in frontiers, barriers and flags. I believe we all belong, independently of latitudes and longitudes, independently to the same family which is the human family." Vitorrio Arrigoni


Let's get real about education, innovation, creativity, productivity and employment.  Justice  is made manifest as families go about day & destiny undisturbed by repression & injustice.






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