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Regardless of the winds and whims of fashion, technology and economy - these are strong foundations...

Brindle Style is purpose built for local community with so much Life, so much potential, so much cool technology and plenty to be going on with.  Program 2015  When you do make product - money and sales is a different field and skillset. Take the Hassle Out of the Hustle Marketing & Promotion
Get all the best stories and links from the digital world of today and right back into BC (Before computer) as we see a return of cottage industry and cashless economy.  We've been ducking and weaving in arts and media all over Australia and New Zealand for decades so I hope this project makes it easier for you.  Maiia (Editor) Background  "Duckin' an' weavin' alright - being of both immigrant and native ancestry in the southern hemisphere observing simultaneously operating, often contradictory worlds-views illumines an interesting middlepath. 
Project Development  Grow in mental and physical dexterity whether you have a physical or a digital platform  @ CONTENT GENERATION 
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