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Maiia BrindleAbout Us is About You! Folk across the street, across oceans, across time, have essence values, linking us all on Common ground, Solid Ground, Higher Ground even Sacred Ground. Welcome to Brindle Style Artists Forum.  Community Conversation



First distributed hand to hand round local bars and cafes our community and arts newsletter recieved such a positive response, in 2003 we decided to take a leap of faith with Tim Berners Lee and his 'read-write web' Mission & Vision   Content Generation

Maiia (Editor) Background    The Murri Grapevine is notoriously reliable and well-informed.  And the town has many a fine armchair philosopher, political commentator and amateur economist. Back in BC - Before Computer  - SYNCRONET - Elders Forum 


Walden's Pond  "A stepping stone toward making post-trauma and grief psychology a household practise and a military objective.  Four paths to transformation. Four paths to reconnect with spirit and destiny in a population with perpetual grief and a tourist facade. Via Transformativa  Via Positiva   Via  Negativa  Via Creativa



Take the world wide journey of the rising sun on the  TROPICS of CAPRICORN 

 Brindle Style was inspired by Gisborne Photo News   Tairawhiti Museum

Whether you're on a physical or a digital platform --> Brindle Style 3.0 The Next Stage! CONTENT GENERATION Community Conversation


From the stone age and the stoner age, to the new age and the brave new world of global villages and information technology.  From horse and cart straight on to the information super highway.  Southern Hemisphere TROPICS of CAPRICORNLet's get real about education, innovation, creativity, productivity and employment. 


The 2% of what we read, hear & view that comes from mainstreet. That comes from a heart.  Brindle Style isn't contrived to advance somebody's PR agenda, sell you a product, or in the words of wikipedia - 'persuade you to believe something that's not true.CAIRNS INDY-MEDIA   NET NEUTRALITY 


"I do not believe in frontiers, barriers and flags. I believe we all belong, independently of latitudes and longitudes, independently to the same family which is the human family." Vitorrio Arrigoni

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