butterfly animation light blue                         SEASON THIRTEEN 2016 -TRAVELLING LIGHT
                        Search for the Real Rainbow - A True Story. (Self-actualising)
Let's get REAL about education, innovation, productivity, creativity, and employment.


With the gift - IMAGINATION. Human creativity produces insights and answers into human Being - that no data crunching or bean counting machine ever will.  A BRAVE NEW PARADIGM of Project and Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry. From horse and cart straight on to the information super highway. From the stone age and the stoner age, to the new age.  


A SOCIAL INNOVATION DIALOGUE   The Community Consultation on factors of social and economic Justice.  (2009 2015)
has produced a youth cocreation model that enables young (2 - 12 and 13 - 25 years) to learn, share, create and work together in identifying their own learning goals, needs and choices. MANA TAMARIKI



Monday      Clarify goals. Develop and Implement A strategy.

Tuesday     Present & Communicate                   

Wednesday  'Quality' Narrative and Professionalism. - CONTEXT 

Thursday   Social Innovation, cottage industry, homebased business & enterprize

Friday        A Community Conversation - Mentoring Evaluation and Feedback


Maiia Being of both native and immigrant heritage in the southern hemisphere and observing multiple simultaneously operating, very contradictory world views, makes for an interesting middlepath.  Like the great Australian writer Henry Lawson saw - The Faces in the Street.  Indignity heaped upon injustice. Background 


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