Reconnect with spirit and destiny. Reconnect with Self. Avoid Burnout.  


Folk across the street. across oceans, across time have essence values, linking us all on Common ground, Solid Ground, Higher Ground even Sacred Ground Brindle Style, Australian not for profit artists network, community media, & learning resource


As an injured croc disappears into the river some times for months even an entire year - we all will need time out to renew and refresh the spirit. Avoid burnout and stay strong through grief, trauma and crisis. Self-time is vital.


Making PTSD A Thing of the Past. A household word and a military objective.


BRINDLE STYLE Artists Network is an Australian transdisciplinary fellowship of concerned citizen journalists, educators, creative industries workers, artists and activists who bring our collective power to heal the traumatic memory, so that we never create it again.


Ray of Sunshine -dedicated to Shelby Fullalove 4 paths to reconnect with Spirit and Destiny. 4 Paths of Transformation.


via Negativa: The path of reflection, silence and solitude.



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